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Super Shack

Family Owned & Operated

Super Shack opened in July 2017 in McKinney, TX. Super Shack is owned by four brothers, Antonio, Juan, Pedro and Ricardo Correa. 

Before moving to Texas from California, all four brothers worked in tree service and construction. With constant financial struggles to sustain their big families, they were set with big dreams and passion for a better future. They brought their families to the big and beautiful state of Texas, in search of a better future. The youngest of the brothers, Antonio, had passion for the kitchen which soon led him to become the Head Chef and General Manager. He has brought forth the diverse menu and house recipes. With hard work and perseverance, the brothers soon opened what is now known as Super Shack located on El Dorado Pkwy in McKinney, Texas. 

Now open for almost five years, we offer a wonderful seafood menu for families to dine. Our menu proudly offers a variety of plates for seafood and non-seafood lovers. We also proudly only serve fresh and local ingredients. 

With the help and hard work of the wonderful community, we excitedly opened our second location in Sherman, Texas in January 2022.